February 1st, 2022

The Artist

Born in Argentina, she is half German, half Brazilian and in love with Mallorca. She studied arts at University in Mendoza, Argentina and never stopped studying. She enjoys learning from the bests and that is why she has mastered a large number of techniques and languages: digital illustration, traditional engraving and sculpture. She has participated in many exhibitions, won various awards, worked years as a freelance comic book colorist. She also makes art-toys, murals, posters and fanzines. Now she focuses on painting cycling shoes for all of us and she is good! She can paint whatever you like.

The Spirit

She loves to go on trips by bicycle or motorcycle, you know, in the style with the handlebar bag where to store some pants and pencils in case she finds inspiration for painting. She also plays the surdo bass drum in a all-female band calle din Spanish batucada. And the magical is that on the nights of Sant SebastiĆ  and Sant Joan fiestas of Mallorca, she becomes a dimoni de foc (a fire demon).

#HC Team, #Helena Bosco