Transform your Mallorca cycling vacation

Envision a seamless transition into the heart of Mallorca’s cycling paradise, as you step off the plane in PMI. At the airport you will be greeted by comfortable shuttle, that takes you to your accommodation and your rental bike is securely stowed on the van, prepped and ready for your adventure on the island.


One-Stop Shop – forget the complexities of coordinating multiple service providers. We’ve bundled everything you need into a single, easy-to-book package, saving you time and effort.


Seamless Experience – from arrival to departure, our goal is to make your Mallorca cycling vacation as smooth as the winding roads you’ll traverse. Focus on the thrill of the ride while we take care of the details.


Local Expertise – benefit from our in-depth knowledge of Mallorca. Our team’s passion for cycling and the island ensures an authentic experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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Services we provide:

♦ Airport Pickup: Your journey begins the moment you land. Our team ensures a smooth transition from the airport to your cycling haven, eliminating the need for any additional arrangements.


♦ Rental Bike: Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the right bike. We provide hand-made carbon fibre Italian road bikes from Sarto, tailored to your preferences and cycling style, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.


♦ Custom Routes: Explore Mallorca’s stunning landscapes with confidence. Our expert team crafts personalized routes based on your skill level and interests, guaranteeing an experience perfectly suited to you.


♦ Cycling Shuttle: Move effortlessly between destinations. Our dedicated cycling shuttle service ensures seamless transitions, allowing you to focus on the joy of pedaling without worrying about logistics.


♦ Private Guide: Enhance your journey with a knowledgeable local guide. Experience Mallorca’s hidden gems, cultural delights, and breathtaking scenery with a personalized touch.


♦ Airport Drop-Off: As your adventure concludes, we provide a hassle-free return to the airport, wrapping up your cycling escape with the same convenience that marked its beginning.



Ready to experience Mallorca like never before? Discover why our guests trust us with their cycling vacation all over Europe — read our reviews and let the adventures of others inspire your own.


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