Adventure on Two Wheels from Annecy to Montreux | Family Bike Trip 2023

December 16th, 2023

Embarking on a family bike trip across France and Switzerland offers an unparalleled adventure, and we at HC Bike Tours specialize in creating these unforgettable custom cycling experiences. Recently, we had the pleasure of guiding two families from Michigan, USA, on a unique journey from Annecy to Montreux.

Despite their lack of frequent cycling, the beauty of this trip lay in introducing them to the world of road biking. We educated them on the nuances of riding in a group, managing efforts on climbs, and more, all while they absorbed the stunning scenery.

Our Role: More Then Just Guides

Our role in this private bike trip extended beyond mere guidance; we meticulously planned cycling routes, provided top-quality rental bikes for all 10 participants, and ensured a seamless experience with daily support, including refreshments and necessary transfers. The journey began at Geneva Airport, from where we transferred to our Annecy hotel, marking the start of this bespoke cycling adventure.

The Essence of Cycling: Learning and Exploring

The initial day focused on setting up the bikes for comfort and safety. With a group new to group cycling, we commenced with an easy ride around Lake Annecy, emphasizing safety through vocal alerts for stops, turns, and traffic. This day set the tone for the trip, with everyone, especially the teenagers, showing a keen interest in cycling and the Tour de France.

The Adventure Unfolds: Day by Day

Our second day took us through Switzerland’s wine valleys, from Martigny to Lake Geneva and Montreux. The group, fueled by the breathtaking views and cycling tales, maintained an enthusiastic pace, with the teenagers often leading the way with vibrant conversations.

The final day of our cycling journey involved a serene ride through Swiss farmlands and a descent towards Lake Geneva in Montreux. The diverse terrain allowed for different pacing, with stronger cyclists taking the lead and regrouping at various points for refreshments provided by our support van.

Conclusion: A Journey to Remember

By the trip’s conclusion, it was evident that everyone had thoroughly enjoyed their cycling experience, with some even considering taking up cycling more frequently back home. For us, hearing our guests appreciate and potentially adopt a new active hobby is the greatest reward.

At HC Bike Tours, we cater to all levels of cyclists. It’s the passion and joy of cycling that truly defines the spirit of a cyclist, not just physical strength. Cycling is an excellent way to stay fit and explore the world, and we’re here to facilitate that journey, whether you’re a seasoned rider or just beginning.

Invitation: Your Next Adventure Awaits

Join us for your next family bike trip or private bike trip, and let us craft a custom cycling experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime.


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