Introducing HC Team | Aigars Paegle | Founder & Ride Leader

November 12th, 2013

Lifetime passion

Aigars holds a degree in finance and has been working as a Corporate banker for more than 10 years serving large corporates and also high-income, private individuals in various industries. He has been passionate about cycling since the beginning of this century. In the past, during the bicycling season Aigars spent almost every weekend racing and never went anywhere without a bicycle. While travelling he always made it a point to learn about local cuisine, and over time he became a gourmet who enjoys life to its fullest.

Biking trips for friends

For several years Aigars shared his joy for biking with his friends and team members by organizing holiday trips and training camps throughout Europe. Aigars, together with his friends and tour guests, has cycled the most famous and challenging climbs, including most Tour de France tracks. Aigars admits he pushes himself on the climbs but the satisfaction of reaching the summit ensures the immediate recharge of his batteries. He finds each summit to be different, and the feeling that the next one will be even more amazing never leaves him.

Own company

By setting up HC Bike Tours Aigars has realized his dream to make his passion for cycling his job. He is more than impatient to cycle together with his guests, to share his adventures and his knowledge of local cultures. There is only one reason for that – he loves what he does.

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