Introducing Israel Raluy Samiter | Ride Leader & Support | HC Team

January 30th, 2024

A devoted cycling enthusiast since childhood, Israel has seamlessly woven his life around guiding people through mountains, exploring canyons, and embarking on cycling adventures in the role of ride leader and ride support.

Passion for Outdoor Adventures

His profound love for outdoor sports fuels his unwavering passion. Connecting with new individuals and exchanging experiences during each journey brings him immense joy. Check out Israel’s activities on Strava.

To Israel, a genuine smile and a positive outlook on life are essential elements for personal growth.

The Guiding Spirit

As a valuable member of the team, he serves as a ride leader and support, tirelessly seeking the optimal spots for supply preparation or capturing photos against breathtaking landscapes.

Join him on the ride, where every moment is an opportunity to embrace the joy of cycling and create lasting memories together.

What our guests say about Israel:

Our guide Israel was THE BEST EVER!!! Honestly, he made our trip more enjoyable than we could have imagined. He greeted us every morning before the start of our ride with so much infectious enthusiasm. After a few days of tough rides, our legs were SMOKED but Israel always lifted out spirits to get us stoked for more Mallorca climbs. He was always waiting for us at the top of every climb with nutrition, local pastries, and big smile and hug (even though we were covered in sweat).

Mark Castrovinci, on HC Bike Tours Ride Support in Mallorca.

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