Mallorca cycling Private Photographer / Ride Guide

This service offers a Private Photographer on a motorbike who is also your cycling Ride Guide with great local knowledge of Mallorca cycling routes. Cycling SAG (Support and Gear) support is included, as the motorbike is specially equipped for supporting cycling groups with large panniers for your gear and nutrition and even a bike rack to take one bike and spare wheels on your ride. Your photographer uses professional photo cameras and drones to capture your best cycling moments. This is all you need to fully enjoy your Mallorca cycling rides with confidence knowing you have support when and where you need it. No more worries about carrying a lot of gear in your back pockets, getting lost or even bonking far from a cafe, you can count on the motorbike to carry your extra cycling jacket, snacks, water, spare parts, and anything else you might need.


We call Mallorca our base of operations when we are not leading tours anywhere in Europe, so we can offer special services for cycling groups and individual cyclists. The HC Bike Tours team is both professional and passionate about what we do, and we want to show you why we call Mallorca home – it is a playground for bicyclists! We organize Private and Custom bike trips throughout Europe, and our professional moto-photographers are often available to support cyclists – individuals or groups, and provide superb photo documentation of your adventures in Mallorca.

PriceA ride 150 - 300 EUR

Services we provide:

  • Private photographer – cycling Ride Guide on a motorbike
  • Professional photos of your Mallorca bike trip
  • Superb local knowledge of the roads
  • Custom made Mallorca cycling routes for your rides 
  • Recommendations for the best Mallorca coffee stops and sightseeing
  • No payment is needed placing an order
  • For multiple orders or more information please contact us at