Live your dream – talking about our work & passion

October 14th, 2022

We are blessed to live the dream of doing what we love – riding bikes, organizing bike tours, and hosting amazing people from all over the world. We are living our dream!

So when an opportunity presents itself we are happy to share our story about how our passion for cycling turned into a business we are running for more than 10 years now. And we do hope our story will encourage you to live your dream!

Just so happened that one of the guests we recently hosted in Mallorca runs his podcast, Sports Doc Sports. And whilst returning from one of our rides this podcast episode was recorded during a transfer back to our guests’ villa.

Listen to the conversation with HC Bike Tours founder and ride leader Aigars Paegle and discover other “Sports Doc Sports” episodes on your favourite platforms.

As the name suggests the podcast is about sports while the “Doc” in refers to the host – sports physician Dr. Steven Donchi who is an avid cyclist.

In his podcast, Steve dives into conversations with a multitude of people all in some way or another involved in cycling, endurance training, or other related areas – talking about nutrition, training, tech, acing, traveling, and other related topics in a simple manner.

Enjoy the easy listening that will draw you in as you learn, laugh, and appreciate relevant topics!

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