Mallorca cycling vacation with friends | Podcast

December 14th, 2022

Going on vacations with friends? Why not make it an active trip! Listen in as our guests Richard, Shane, and Steve share their experience on Mallorca cycling vacation organised by HC Bike Tours.

This engaging Podcast, filled with laughter and shared memories, will undoubtedly inspire you to consider planning an active trip with your own circle of friends. Discover how a cycling vacation can not only be a thrilling adventure but also a bonding experience like no other.

It would be our pleasure to host you and a group of your friends on a Mallorca cycling vacation or a cycling trip anywhere in Europe. Whether you crave the indulgence of luxury VIP service or prefer to maximize your ‘adventure per dollar,’ we are dedicated to customizing your trip to suit the specific needs and desires of your group.

But don’t just take our word for it – tune in to the podcast and hear firsthand from three friends as they recount their unforgettable Mallorca cycling vacation during the summer of 2022.

As the name suggests the podcast is about sports while the “Doc” in refers to the host – sports physician Dr. Steven Donchey who is an avid cyclist.

In his podcast, Steve dives into conversations with multitude of people all in some way or another involved into cycling, endurance training, or other related areas – talking about nutrition, training, tech, acing, traveling, and other related topics in a simple manner.

In a previous Sports Doc Sports episode, Steve had an insightful conversation with Aigars Paegle, the founder of HC Bike Tours. Gain valuable insights into the world of cycling tours and hear about the passion that drives HC Bike Tours to create exceptional experiences for their guests.

Enjoy the easy listening that will draw you in as you learn, laugh, and appreciate relevant topics!

If you are considering an active vacation with friends, request your custom Mallorca cycling vacation offer via our Contact form or give us a call.

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