Open or Private Custom Cycling Camps in Europe 

Whether you choose an open camp, or design your own Private Custom trip, cycling camps are specially designed with simplicity in mind with no hotels changes and focus on rides, rest, and relaxation in world-class destinations. Staying at a single hotel means you get more flexibility to choose specific rides to achieve your riding goals, train, or log big miles while enjoying and exploring a local area.

If you choose to build a private bike camp, we provide everything you need for the ultimate experience tailored to your needs: suggestions for a destination, planning, arrangements and transportation including experienced Ride Guides with great knowledge of the local roads, SAG van support, professional cycling coach, bike mechanic, private photographer, physiotherapist, and total flexibility to choose any destination in Europe, riding distances and level of accommodation.

Of course, in either case, we also offer superb Italian Sarto road bikes for rent.

CHOOSE ready to book OPEN Bike Camp below or BUILD your dream Private Cycling Camp!