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September 1st, 2019

Artis is a remarkably interesting conversation partner and very guest-oriented ride leader and support driver. He will make sure you have the best riding experience and will take some nice photographs from your ride. For Artis cycling is about enjoying the process and he is happy to help a fellow cyclist with moral, physical, or technical support.

Cycling since childhood

Artis has been cycling since childhood. He discovered cycling when he was big enough to climb on his father’s sports bike and realized that by bike you could go further and see more. After discovering the sport of triathlon Artis has been out on long and fast rides also reaching notable results in triathlon races. Now he makes sure his kids fall in love with cycling just as much as he did.

Biking is everyday

For several years now, the bicycle has been Artis favorite daily means of transport and sports activity. He says there is no more convenient way to move around the city. Artis passion for cycling grew further whilst working in a bike shop for several years where he helped other cyclists to fulfill their dreams with advice and knowledge. While working at the bike shop, he also learned how about bike fitting and continues to help cyclists to find a more comfortable position on their bikes so they can make their rides longer and more enjoyable.

Enjoying the cycling process

Artis enjoys long and challenging rides, especially in mountainous terrain, where you can ride up the hill for hours to see the THAT view and then enjoy a quick ride down. Artis is a very considerate ride leader that will attend to all the guests’ needs to make their riding experience seamless and enjoyable.

What Aigars says about him:

Artis is a remarkably interesting conversation partner as he has so many skills and interests that starting a chat with him could last for hours. For him it is not important to be the first or the fastest, he enjoys the process and is happy to help a fellow traveler with moral, physical, or technical support. And his latest very serious hobby is cooking! He is also now our chef when traveling.


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